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Graduated from Epitech, a french leading school for IT expertise and innovation, I explored the world of IT for height years. My experiences as a mobile developer, web product manager, and network and security pre-sale allowed me to measure the challenges of the entire production chain of an IT project.

I decided to specialize in what fascinates me the most: creating relevant digital experiences for users.

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Values and ethics

I am recognized for my great sense of detail, my team spirit, and my ability to follow through on what I undertake.

Being a freelancer in UX / UI Design is for me the opportunity to live the experience of entrepreneurship while putting my ethical values at the heart of my work. This is why you will systematically find special attention to accessibility and inclusiveness.

How do I work?

Collaboration is at the heart of my work. We decide together from the start on a process and a schedule that meet our respective needs and those of your project. You are part of the creation process and your opinion is taken into account at each key stage of brainstorming, testing with your users, feedback, and validation.

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My rates

I personalize each quote to meet your needs as closely as possible. We find by mutual agreement the right balance between your budget, your needs, and the working time that is necessary for me to deliver quality renderings.
The first meeting to qualify your project and the preparation of your estimate are offered.

Do you have a project in mind?
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