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À-la-carte services

Woman working on a wireframe

I work where you need it.

The creation of a website or an app can be compared to the construction or the renos of a house. In that case, I am the architect.

Based on your needs, those of your users/customers and your resources, I design, draw, test and redesign your digital interfaces for a better user experience.


It's the user experience. I focus on the ease of use, the efficiency of the user journey and draw plans.

→ Quality research and results analysis

→ Personas definition

→ Design and mock-ups

→ User tests

→ Audit

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It's the user interface. We define together the visual style and make precise mock-ups of it.

→ Graphic identity

→ Mock-ups

→ Design and production of graphic elements

→ Focus on accessibility and inclusivity

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It is the co-writing of all contents. The choice of words is an inherent part of a good user experience.

→ Writing texts based on a given marketing strategy (SEO oriented)

→ Grammatical and spell check

→ Focus on inclusiveness

→ Native in French, fluent in English


I handle the project from A to Z. From the idea to production or until the stage you need to be at.

→ Define specifications requirements

→ Project management (planning and/or monitoring)

→ Team coordination

→ Production launch

I keep the big picture in mind through the whole process to ease the steps that will follow.

My interfaces are designed to be dev-friendly (easy to code), scalable, keeping in mind your maintenance abilities (temporal and technical).

Woman validating a step in the overall process
3 people building a website together
When required, I reach out to partners who are outstanding specialists in their field.

Together, we combine our expertise to deliver the ambitious and outstanding quality results from your dreams.

→ Web developer

→ Graphic designer

→ Communication strategist

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