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5% for the future


My commitments

I am convinced that we must commit ourselves at all levels to create a more sustainable, more united, and fairer world.

Personally but also professionally, my values and my ideas must be transformed into concrete actions.


Beyond the pro-bono and donations projects, I integrated the notion of wealth sharing from the creation of my company.

I donate 5% of my revenue from my client projects to those who act for the future

Through this commitment, I want to participate in the collective effort and demonstrate that it is possible to create companies of all sizes, strong and supportive at the same time, and this, from their creation.

Why the choice of revenue from client projects?

The amount is more transparent, easier to calculate, but also more engaging for me. My expenses being variable from one period to another, they do not impact the amount that I give back. For time-limited projects, I make these payments upon delivery of each project. For clients I work with long-term, I make these payments every 4 months.

The revenue from donation projects being very low compared to the time I invest, they are not counted in this calculation.

The causes I support

They act for change and our future. They are committed to more ecological and social justice, mainly in France. Some are large associations such as Les Restos du Coeur or La Fondation des Femmes. Others are artists, activists, and entrepreneurs whose work I support to enable us collectively to invent the world of tomorrow.

Thus, some of my donations are tax-deductible and others are not, and that's fine!


With more than six years of experience in IT, I have successfully taken on many roles that allow me today to have a 360 vision of a digital project and do what I love the most: drawing tomorrow's web and mobile interfaces with ethics and creativity.

Want to tell me about your project?

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