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UX / UI Website design

  • User experience creation for the feminist collective  #NousToutes website.

  • Respect for the possibilities and limitations of open-source tools and platforms or made available free of charge.

  • 100% female team of ten remote volunteers in horizontal coordination.

UX / UI Designer
  • User journeys creation and prototyping

  • Visual design and website graphic identity creation

  • Web writing

  • User tests

Logo du logiciel Adobe XD.
Logo du logiciel Adobe Photoshop
Logo du CMS open-source WordPress.

Volunteer project, since September 2020.

  • French

The themes

Information Organization, Militant commitment, Training, Association, Feminism, Fight against sexist and sexual violence against women and children, France.

The key stages of the project

MVP prototyping

From defined personas:​

  • Low-fidelity wireframes co-creation, and user journey validation

  • Website visual identity definition

  • Visual Design: high-fidelity co-prototyping, photos and illustrations research

  • Wording co-writing

  • Functional tests

Particular attention is paid to inclusiveness and accessibility.

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Prototyping v2
  • Architecture 2.0 definition and features prioritization

  • On-the-fly creation of pages linked to the book's release on WordPress

  • Statistical data research on gender-based and sexual violence

  • Low and high-fidelity mockups creation for the Statistics page

  • Engagement page major redesign and Home page minor redesign

  • Functional tests

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User tests (in progress)
  • Test protocol writing

  • Qualitative interviews conduction

  • Analysis of results, findings, and recommendations

  • Mockup updates

#NousToutes is a voluntary project

I value deeply the idea of mutual aid and sorority. In order to play my part, I dedicate one day per week pro-bono and/or to donations for projects with social and environmental impact.

This is the case of #NousToutes! #NousToutes is a large national collective that fights every day against sexist and sexual violence against women and children, through local and national actions, free training, and surveys.


We are about ten volunteers working together throughout the year on the maintenance and continuous improvement of the website. Our team is 100% female and we have chosen a horizontal organization. I am in charge of UX/UI Design.

Illustration d'une femme présentant son portfolio.
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