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FemmaSutra scene 1.png website design and development

The project

Squarespace website creation, development, and launch:

  • Presentation of new programs and free tools (podcast, e-books, and playlists)

  • Online store set up

  • Appointment scheduling tool​ set up

  • Blog set up

The tools
Logo du logiciel Figma
Logo du logiciel Adobe Photoshop
Logo du logiciel Adobe Illustrator
Logo de Squarespace
Logo de Notion
My role
UX / UI Designer
  • User journeys creation

  • Graphic identity scale for the website, and Visual Design

  • User tests

  • Website development, and component setup on Squarespace

  • SEO optimization

  • GDPR compliance

  • Functional tests

  • Launch

January 2022 - April 2022.

The themes

Sales, Entrepreneur, Coaching, Female Potential, E-shop, Blog, Appointment Scheduling, Squarespace, French-speaking countries.

  • French

The Project's main stages

User journeys creation

​From the personas defined at the launch of the project, low-fidelity wireframes creation of the entire website:

  • Homepage

  • Presentation of the programs 

  • Podcasts, playlists, and e-books

  • About

Particular attention is given to the fluidity of the user journey and SEO optimization.

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 13.54.58.png
Squarespace development and Visual design

​On Squarespace:

  • Development of all pages, configurations of functionalities, and integration with third parties  (Stripe, Scheduling, MailChimp, Instagram, and Pinterest)

  • Code injections when necessary to suit the needs of the project and respect for the website responsiveness

  • Graphic identity scale to give the website a complete visual identity

  • UI Design and visual rendering development of the site

Particular attention is given to the accessibility and ease of modification of the site by the client.

Frame 1.png
User tests

Test protocols writing, interviews conducting, analysis of observations, and, in agreement with the client, improvements provided to the website experience for better understanding and ease of use.​

Illustration d'une femme réalisant des tests sur une interface.
Illustration d'une femme préparant la mise en production d'un site.

Preparing for production:

  • Functional tests

  • SEO optimization

  • Accessibility

  • GDPR compliance

  • Proofreading

  • Domain name propagation

5% for the future

I donate 5% of my client projects revenue like the FemmaSutra project to the ones who act for the future. They are committed to more ecological and social justice, mainly in France.

5% of the FemmaSutra project was donated to the French Women's Foundation.

Illustration d'une femme présentant son portfolio.

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