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UX/UI Design of the XOLite open-source interface

The project
  • Creation of the user experience of the infrastructure management interface open-source  XOLite .

  • Creation of a dashboard dedicated to the management of a pool of servers and their associated virtual machines.

  • Creation of the path for creating a virtual machine.

  • Creation of mobile views for consultation functionalities.

  • Light  et  Dark mode .

The tools
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My role
UX / UI Designer
  • User research and definition of personas

  • Creation of user journeys and interactive prototyping

  • visual design

  • User tests

Since November 2021.

  • French

  • English

The themes

Software Interface, Responsiveness, Infrastructure Virtualization, Open-Source, World.

The project main steps

Definition of personas
  • Analysis of existing data: surveys, user feedback on the various forums​

  • Creation and layout of a survey on Typeform to reassess the profile of users, open-source and paid

  • From the data collected, analysis and creation of personas

Particular attention is paid to inclusiveness and accessibility.

Feature Mapping of  XOLite
  • Creation of a map of the different functionalities planned in the interface in 2022-2023.

  • Organization of these functionalities in the different pages and menus.

Particular attention is paid to the user journey so that each action or information is easy to find for the user.

Vates - XOLite Features Map v1.6.png
Desktop view models and prototyping

Design of the different pages and features:

  • Login

  • Menus and tree views

  • Pool Dashboard

  • Table and interactions on a set of objects

  • dark fashion

Particular attention is paid to the creation of a user journey which is self-sufficient but which will allow us to easily integrate future functionalities.

XOLite - Desktop.png
Models of mobile views and prototyping

By respecting as much as possible the existing elements in desktop view, design of the mobile views of the consultation pages (outside configuration).​

XOLite - Mobile.png
Next steps...
  • User tests

  • UX / UI Design of the virtual machine creation path

  • And many others!

5% for the future

I donate 5% of my client projects revenue like those with Vates to the ones who act for the future. They are committed to more ecological and social justice, mainly in France.

We work with Vates on various long-term projects, so I make a payment every 4 months to Les Restos du Coeur.

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